Thursday, 29 September 2016

Professional Sofa Cleaning Tips

If you think that the furniture in your home requires a proper cleaning this short article will really help you. Furthermore, you can use it as a guide for future care and maintenance. It is beyond any doubt that keeping a clean and fresh atmosphere at your home is advantageous. Clean furniture makes great first impression and tells a lot about the home owner. It simply contributes for a pleasant and welcoming home environment. As with cars and truck upholstered furniture is made with much variety. It comes in various types of natural and synthetic fabrics. All of these fabrics have their distinct qualities and peculiarities and require a separate approach when it comes to being cleaned. It is recommended to be extra careful when starting a DIY upholstery cleaning. If you are uncertain that you can do it, get a proffesional help.
As mentioned above cleaning your upholstered sofa or chair is a tricky business. Before start cleaning make sure to know what kind of material you are cleaning. The main materials used for upholstering are leather and fabric. At this stage it must be relatively easy for you to make the difference between them. Unfortunately, here the simple part ends.
As a rule of thumb most furniture producers put a label with a cleaning code on the frame of your piece of furniture. Read it carefully because it is really easy to damage your furniture beyond repair. If you can not locate the label, well then it is a good idea to call the producer or the store you purchased the sofa from. If you locate the label, there are four basic fabric codes:
  • X- it is a very rare code. You should not try to clean it in any way. Never apply any homemade or commercial cleaning solution. Vacuum clean only and brush with non – metallic brush.
  • W- you can use water with this kind of fabric. You can use moisture and clean it with water – based cleaning agent, but do not over wet. Strictly forbidden to use solvent based cleaners to remove stains.
  • WS- it stands for dry-foam. It is safer than “S”. You can use shampoo to clean it. Be careful and better apply dry cleaning solvent instead.
  • S- this means solvents only. You can brush the piles to restore their appearance but do not apply water or wet it in any way or you risk ruining it.
Two helpful professional upholstery tips. First, before starting the cleaning process most professional cleaners test an inconspicuous area to assure than the fabric allows for a certain kind of cleaning shampoo. Second, it is recommended not to remove cushion covers and dry clean or launder them.
A regular deep clean is a must for every house. To save time,effort and money devise a strict weekly cleaning plan. That way you will greatly decrease the build up of dust and soil. When cleaning your sofa remove your cushions and clean throughly seams, edges and recesses. On the spot action when a spill occurs will prevent lots of headaches later. Be advised to blot a liquid spill, never to rub as it only makes stains worse. Direct sunlight damages any fabric, making it fade and tear easier. Put your furniture out of direct sunlight.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

There are many factors that influence the results of carpet cleaning.
Firstly, rental machines don’t achieve results that are in any way comparable to those that can be achieved by a professional carpet cleaner.  They may even cause irreparable damage to your carpets.
Secondly, not all carpet cleaning companies are equal…
Some use cheap solutions and dated machinery purchased on the second hand market, while others invest in the very best equipment and cleaning solutions.
This difference is reflected in the results.We at Green Carpet Cleaning &Allergy Kenya we offer green approach to carpet  cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya.

Image result for green carpet cleaning
But one of the key factors in the effectiveness of professional carpet cleaning is in following a methodical process.
Here’s how we do it:

Our thorough home carpet cleaning process:

1.) Carpet Inspection: We test your carpet fibers to ascertain whether your carpets are man-made or wool /mix. We also identify stains and choose the best method of treatment.
2.) Area Prep: We’ll carefully move large items of furniture and clear the floor ready to vacuum.
3.) Vacuuming: Using a powerful commercial vacuum, we’ll thoroughly remove dry soling in all areas of the carpet.
4.) Spray and Treat Spots: We use a pre-conditioning solution to break down the dirt and soiling. We’ll also treat individual stains and spots with the appropriate chemicals.
5.) Agitation: Using a specialist agitation machine, we work the solution into the carpet fibres, loosening ingrained dirt.
6.) HWE Extraction: Using steam at up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, our powerful machinery extracts soil particles and moisture, avoiding over wetting and the risk of shrinkage!
7.) Post-Inspect and Treat: We inspect the carpet a second time and any stubborn stains receive extra treatment.
8.) Grooming: Your carpets are groomed with a professional grooming brush, lifting the pile. This aids the fast drying process.
9.) Turbo Drying: While we are packing away, a turbo dryer will be turned on to help speed drying (most carpets will be bone dry within an hour or two!)
10.) Final Carpet Inspection: We inspect your carpets again and check you are 100% happy we’ve carried out our service to your satisfaction.

All the above steps are essential to get the best possible carpet cleaning results. 
Corners cut to save time or money will always compromise the final outcome.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Removing a Coffee Stain on Carpet

All true coffee addicts are familiar with the brown, ring-shaped coffee stains sometimes left behind by their daily brew. They’ll find them on newspapers and magazines, coffee tables, desks, and papers. The most clumsy coffee drinkers (and the simply unlucky) sometimes spill their coffee onto the carpet as well. When treating a coffee stain on carpet, it’s important to act quickly or the stain will sink into the carpet fibers and dry, setting and becoming much harder to treat. This is especially important if the coffee contained milk or cream, both of which can become smelly and bacteria-ridden if left to fester. So if you want to keep your floor spot- and smell-free, you need to learn how to remove a coffee stain on carpet.

coffee stain on carpet

 How to Remove a Coffee Stain on Carpet

  1. As with all carpet stains, the most important thing to do first is quickly blot up the spill. Using a paper towel or cloth, dab the spot and soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Avoid rubbing, which can push the coffee further into the carpet fibers.
  2. Next, assess the carpet. If it is an antique or very valuable carpet (or rug), you might want to consider calling a professional carpet cleaner to ensure that the carpet won’t be damaged during the cleaning process. And whether your carpet is fragile/sensitive or not, always remember to do a test spot when using cleaning solution. Apply the solution to an inconspicuous spot before you move on to more visible areas.
  3. Mix about 2/3 cup warm water with either 1/3 cup white vinegar or 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing detergent. If the coffee contained any milk or cream, use an enzyme laundry detergent as well. Apply this mixture to the stain with a sponge or spray bottle, dampening but not soaking the spot. Then, using another clean paper towel or cloth, blot up more of the coffee. Repeat this process until the stain is removed. If you’re able, you could switch between vinegar and detergent solutions.
  4. If the spot is still there after several repetitions, consider contacting a professional carpet cleaning company.
  5. Once the spot is removed, dampen it with some clean water and blot up. If the spot is still very wet, place a clean paper towel or cloth on top and weigh it down with a heavy object (like a large book) to soak up as much water as possible.
coffee stain on carpet
Older stains are far more difficult to get up than brand new stains, which is why it’s so important that you act quickly and remove the coffee soon after it has spilled. Take care to get up every bit of the stain as well, especially if it contained milk, which can become very smelly once it’s soured. And remember, if you’re struggling to remove that coffee stain on carpet or you’re afraid that you’ll accidentally damage your precious carpet or rug, just call a cleaning company like Green Carpet Cleaning & Allergy Kenya (assuming you live in Nairobi County,Kiambu, Kajiado and Machakos Counties, that is). We’d be happy to help!

Dangers of 'Stain Removal' and 'Carpet Cleaning' Products

And why it can ruin your carpets or upholstery!

You have dropped something on your carpet (or upholstery), and your instinct tells you to grab something to try and remove it as quickly as possible. So your first thought is probably to wipe it up, and then maybe to use a cleaning product that may be wholey innapropriate - even when it may say that it is a carpet cleaning or stain removal product!

Unbeknown to you that magic cleaner that you bought that's hopefully going to save your carpet - could contain something very harsh that could actually ruin it - with NO possibility of returning it back to how it should. WHAT! I hear you say! There are 2 major issues with these supermarket available products - we see these nearly every day, and the worse thing is you are probably completely unaware of their destructive nature. I mean they are brands on TV - so  they must be ok right? I'm afraid not, and they are:

1). Colour loss
Due to the harsh nature of the cleaning product, it could be quite quick in fading the colour. We all know that when you remove colour from something - it won't look the same again, unless you return the colour. Well this is essentially impossible and the expensive carpet or upholstery item is now affected by PERMANENT colour loss and basically ruined. Do not make the common mistake of presuming that you have merely made a 'clean patch', it could well indeed be the colour that's vanished!

2). Dirt attracting residues
Most of these cleaners are detergent based, and usually quite foamy. Because you are not removing this from the carpet or upholstery item (you can't unless you rinse it out with a machine), then it will simply make the area go darker and darker over time as the dust sticks to it. Think about it for a minute, imagine washing your hair - but not rinsing it out afterwards. Yes its exactly the same i.e. Soapy and sticky!

Ruined Carpet or Upholstery?
After you have attempted to remove the stain (and been unsuccessful), you may now be considering calling a professional in the hope that they can now 'sort it out'. But now we have a major problem - by applying said products can unfortunately cause what we professionals call 'setting the stain'. This means that the stain structure has been altered by the wrong chemical ingredient applied to it. Yes, the cleaning product used may well be a household name - but they certainly are not 'professional' products. So now the professional you called has a very very difficult stain to try and remove - and the truth is it may not be able to be removed - not because he is incompetent but because it has been 'set' and changed chemically.

The moral of the story is - if the value of a carpet or upholstered item is of great importance to you - it would certainly be more cost effective to call out a professional cleaning company in the first place - who may have complete success in removing it, and without ruining the carpet or upholstery - saving you money in replacement costs.

Can a small bottle of 'carpet cleaning' or 'stain remover' product costing a few pounds - potentially cost you thousands of pounds? Yes it can, so be warned.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

How to Clean a Red Wine Stain

 red wine stain
You’re at home enjoying a nice glass of red wine—relaxing, maybe sitting down to dinner, savoring the moment—when disaster strikes. The dog jumps up. You loose your footing. The glass slips from your fingers. And then there it is, as bright and horrific as a CSI murder scene (okay, maybe not quite so horrific): a red wine stain. On your beautiful, plush carpet.
What do you do? Call your mother? Spray on some Windex and hope for the best? Abstain from red wine forever after? Cry?
No! Don’t let that red wine stain scare you. It may look like a crime scene, but if you keep your cool and act fast, your carpet will be spotless again in no time.
1. Blot up the excess wine. Before you go running for the cleaning cabinet, grab a cloth and start blotting. Using a fresh spot of cloth each time, absorb as much liquid as possible from the red wine stain. Then, pour a little water on the stain to dilute it and continue blotting. This should make cleanup much easier.
2. Do a test run. If your carpet is darkly-colored or especially precious to you and you’re planning to use a harsh/abrasive cleaning solution, you may want to do a test run before you start pouring on the chemicals. Find a hidden spot (beneath a couch, perhaps) and do a quick test run to make sure the color and quality of your carpet won’t be affected.
3. Pick your method. Based on what you have lying around, try one of these tried-and-true methods:
  • Baking Soda: With a 3-1 ratio mixture of baking soda and water, stir together a paste and pat it thoroughly into the stain. Once it’s dry, vacuum off. You can also use baking soda in combination with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Carpet or Clothing Stain Remover: Since I don’t know what product and brand you’re using, I’m going to go with the obvious: follow the directions, treating the carpet like clothing if need be. Simple as that.
  • Salt: Shake some salt (a pretty hefty amount) onto the stain and let it absorb the wine (similar to the baking soda solution above). Vacuum off.
  • Club Soda: The carbonation in club soda makes it a formidable foe of red wine stains. Use it when you’re blotting (instead of water).
  • Vinegar: Some people swear by vinegar for all their cleaning problems, and true to form, it works great on red wine stains as well. Mix vinegar with a little water and blot away. Follow up with some dish soap blotting.
  • Dish Soap: Not just for dishes anymore. Mix equal parts dish soap and hydrogen peroxide (or water, if you don’t have it), apply to the stain, and let it sit. Then blot.
4. Assess your results. If you weren’t able to tackle the stain right away (and it’s not budging from the carpet) or your home cleaning job just wasn’t up to par, you might need to call in the professionals. Experts like the ones at SteamPro Carpet Cleaning have industrial strength products and machines that can clean up everything from red wine stains to spilt motor oil or candle wax.
red wine stain
If you drink red wine often, it might be a good idea to keep a variety of these items in the house in case of an emergency. Basic cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap are useful in countless ways and are also inexpensive.
So don’t admit defeat and switch over to white wine if red’s your preference. Relax and savor your glass. And if you do trip up (we all do eventually), confront that red wine stain as soon as possible.
For more carpet cleaning tips and tricks, continue reading the Green Carpet Cleaning&Allergy Kenya .

Reasons Why You Probably Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

any people think that they don’t need professional carpet cleaning, but most of them are, in fact, wrong. There are a great many reasons why a person should get their carpets professionally cleaned, but today we are just going to look at eight of them. If any of these eight reasons apply to you (and there is a very high chance that they do), then you might want to think about getting professional carpet cleaning for your home.

Image result for carpet cleaning
1. You have children. Children are adorable little mess-makers who track mud on your floors, spill paint, spill food, and do a number of other things that can be devastating to the overall appearance of your carpets. They also tend to make a lot more ‘foot traffic’ as they have a ton of energy. If you have children, you need professional carpet cleaning.
2. You have pets. Pets, like children, make a lot of messes. They drool, track in mud, and sometimes leave nasty little ‘surprises’ on your carpets.
3. You have tough stains in your carpets. If you have tough stains that you haven’t been able to get out of your carpets on your own, a professional carpet cleaning service can help you to get them out. They have specialized equipment that can make what you see as impossible, very possible indeed.
4. You are hosting a big event. If you are hosting a big event, chances are high that you want your entire house to look perfect. This includes your carpets, of course. If you want to really impress your guests, get your carpets cleaned a day or two before the big event.
5. You haven’t had professional carpet cleaning done in a year or more. It is recommended that you get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, with additional cleanings in between as necessary.
6. You have a lot of people in and out of your house. If your house is the central hub for everything, or if you have a large amount of people who are in and out of your home on a regular basis, you will definitely need to have your carpets professionally cleaned. The more people who travel through your house, the more dirt that is put into and onto your carpets. It’s as simple as that.
 Image result for carpet cleaning
7. You want your carpets to look new again. This is a rather obvious reason to get your carpets cleaned.
8. You want your carpets to be easier to maintain on a day-to-day basis. Carpets that have been professionally cleaned will be easier to upkeep for some time after as well.
So there you have it! Those are eight reasons why you probably need to have your carpets professionally cleaned. If you’ve decided that you need your carpets professionally cleaned after all, or even if you just have some questions, please contact us at Green Carpet Cleaning at 079-229-3443. We provide professional carpet cleaning in Nairobi Kenya and can help you with anything you may need.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Company

When choosing a professional carpet cleaning service in Nairobi for your home, most people desire a company that provides excellent results at an affordable price.  However, what if you could get the results you are looking for, all while using Eco-friendly products that are good for the environment and your family?  You can do just that by choosing an Eco-friendly carpet cleaning service.

Using a service that is Eco-friendly is beneficial to customers for a number of reasons.  One of the best reasons for choosing green cleaning products is the fact that they do not contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients.  Rather, they are made from natural products that are free of phosphates and detergents and are safe for children and pets.  Not only do these products deliver excellent results for your carpets, but they promote a healthy home for you and your family.

Long before ‘going green’ was ever a deciding factor in choosing a carpet cleaning services in Nairobi, Green Carpet and Upholstery Care was working to reduce the impact of our products on people, pets, and the environment. Green Carpet and Upholstery Care moved to dry steam at 310 degrees Fahrenheit and hot cleaning solution, which kills germs and leaving the carpet instantly dry.This makes your carpets fresh and clean again. The Natural is green-certified with all ingredients on the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.
In addition to the health benefits of using natural products, Green Carpet and Upholstery Care's highly effective hot extraction method for removing dirt, germs, and bacteria from your carpets is an excellent way to ensure that your carpets are getting clean while using less water, 80% less water, which will help your carpets to dry faster and reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.
If you are looking to give your carpets a deep clean that is healthy and Eco-friendly, choose Green Carpet and Upholstery Care for a green carpet cleaning that will protect more than just your carpets.  You are protecting the health of your family.